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BAGS IN CONTAINERWhatever your industry or application, Global Garnet can supply the highest quality garnet products to meet any blasting, water jet cutting or flooring requirement, at the lowest wholesale price.

This website features our main garnet products. However, Global Garnet is able to supply almost any grade or type of garnet abrasive or aggregate product – let us know your specific requirements including exact sizing and specifications here, we will then confirm availability with our factories.

The following tables show the Typical* Chemical Composition, Physical Characteristics and Mineral Composition of our hard rock almandine garnet.


Typical Chemical Composition

Silica Iron Alumina Magnesium Calcium Manganese Dioxide Titanium Oxide
34-38% 25-30% 18-22% 4-6% 1-9% 1-2% 1-2%

Typical Physical Characteristics

Specific Gravity 3.8-4.2g/cm3
Bulk Density 1.9-2.4g/cm3
Hardness Mohs 7.5-8.0
Chloride Less than 25ppm
Colour Red, Brown, Grey, Black, Pink
Acid Solubility Less than 1%
Conductivity Less than 25ms/m
Melting Point 1,250ºC (2,282ºF)
Particle Shape Sub-rounded to Angular
Moisture Less than 0.2%
Conductivity Less than 25ms/m
Cleanness Sa 2.5
Roughness <75

Typical Mineral Composition

Almandine Garnet Quartz (Free Silica) Zircon Others
>95% Less than 0.5% Less than 2% Minimal

* The above tables and values represent the results of previous laboratory analysis of our hard rock almandine garnet and typical sizes used for various industrial applications and should only be used as a guideline. There may be slight variations in the product specifications/analysis values represented in the table above for each shipment due to the source of the hard rock garnet and the depth at which it is mined. Results under actual blasting conditions may also vary. Profile depends on the substrate material, coating type and thickness, pressure at the nozzle and other factors. The proper grade of Global Garnet abrasive & aggregate products should be based on test results conducted under actual field conditions. Our hard rock garnet will always meet international quality standards and workplace health and safety requirements.

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