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Water Jet Cutting

Garnet sand for waterjet cuttingGlobal Garnet water jet cutting abrasives can be used for a wide range of cutting applications and materials including but not limited to Tile, Glass, Stone, Kevlar, Granite, Carbon Steel, Copper, FRP/CRP, Marble, Rubber, Wood, Aluminum and Stainless Steel. The natural hardness of garnet as a cutting compound makes it a preferable choice for water jet cutting.

Our water jet cutting abrasives can be manufactured to meet our customers exact requirements – to avoid any potential issues related to performance or application through blockages of water jet nozzles and hoses.

Production is strictly monitored to ensure correct particle size and density. The product is filtered multiple times to guarantee correct sizing and washed thoroughly to ensure low dust and chloride levels, which can be an issue with alluvial garnet mined from deposits occurring close to oceans and rivers. To find out more about the extensive benefits and competitive advantages of  hard rock almandine garnet, please Click Here

Our factories three-stage screening system, incorporating a fully enclosed final screening process, ensures a free flowing product with no oversize particles. The unique washing system ensures the garnet is free from chloride and the controlled grain size process ensures an efficient and accurate cutting profile.

Below are our most popular mesh sizes and commonly used grades for water jet cutting. To meet our customers specific and individual requirements we can produce a product as small as 200 Mesh if needed.


Water Jet Cutting Mesh 60

      •  Medium particle size – for faster cutting.
      • Generally used when speed is important, however; due to the bigger particle size the cut is not as precise as the finer grades.

Water Jet Cutting Mesh 80

      • Medium to fine particle size – for faster and smoother cutting.
      • Generally used when both faster cutting and a cleaner cut is important. This grade is our most popular water jet cutting grade and provides the perfect balance of cutting speed and precision.

Water Jet Cutting Mesh 120

      • Fine particle size – for a more accurate and cleaner cut.
      • Generally used for applications where the material may be brittle and both a higher precision and cleaner cut is important.

Retention Rates for Water Jet Cutting Grades

MESH SIZE MM        
40/60 MESH 40/90 MESH 50/90 MESH 120 MESH
20 0.85
30 0.60 0-5
40 0.43 40-65 0-5
50 0.30 30-50 30-60 0-10
60 0.25 10-20 15-30 5-45
70 0.21 0-7 10-20 15-40
80 0.18 5-20 10-30 0-15
90 0.16 0-5 5-30 15-55
100 0.15 0-10 20-40
120 0.13 10-30
150 0.10 0-10
200 0.08

Global Garnet product colours may vary according to the location and depth the garnet is mined

Global Garnet products may vary in colour according to the location and depth the garnet is mined.


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